About Tanja

As a glass artist I use color as a way to express human feelings and emotions. Glass has the unique ability to transmit and reflect light. This creates a dynamic play of colors that can evoke a range of emotions in the viewer.

I explore the interplay between transparency and layering, layering colors to create depth and movement in my work. With my art I try to evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

I hope my work inspires a sense of wonder and contemplation, and fosters an appreciation for the beauty and power of glass.



Internationale glas- en keramiekmarkt, Haacht- België
Glasmarkt, Lommel- België
Artibosch, ‘s Hertogenbosch
Kunstbeurs Zutphen
Kunstmaand Ameland
Nationale kunstdagen, Gorinchem


Kunstkasteel, Bemmel
Glas- en kunstbeurs, Berg en Dal
Museum de Domijnen, Sittard
Rondje Watertoren, Schimmert

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